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Welcome to the Audiovault. This site contains the audio only portion of audio described film and TV shows. It is not intended to deprive copyright holders or service providers of income. Rather it is a small Project designed to make it easier for blind people to find and access audio described content that is spread across multiple platforms and countries.
No video is hosted on this site. Nobody profits from this endeavour. It operates on donations from the small userbase purely in order to maintain the site.


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Featured Movies and TVShows

Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M'Baku, Okoye and the Dora Milaje fight to protect their nation from intervening world powers in the wake of King T'Challa's death. As the Wakandans strive to embrace their next chapter, the heroes must band together with Nakia and Everett Ross to forge a new path for their beloved kingdom.

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A silent film superstar, a young starlet, a production executive, and a musical sensation strive to stay on top of the 1920s Hollywood scene while maintaining relevance in an industry ready to move on to the next best thing.

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This landmark ten-part HBO miniseries recounts the remarkable achievements of an elite team of U.S. paratroopers in World War II.

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Kate Kane follows in the footsteps of her missing cousin, Bruce Wayne, and protects the streets of Gotham City as Batwoman.

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The first season of Desperate Housewives introduced Susan Mayer, the divorcee and single mom; Lynette Scavo, who went from her career in advertising to being a stay-at-home mother; Bree Van De Kamp, who resembles Martha Stewart on steroids; and Gabrielle Solis, the ex-model with everything she's wanted; and serial divorcee Edie Britt, the real estate maven whose love life has everyone buzzing.
Note: Search for Seasons 2-8 in the shows section.

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After an accident derails their exploits in Europe, The Hunters must band back together to hunt down history's most infamous Nazi—Adolf Hitler—who's hiding in South America. Meanwhile, a look to the past reveals Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) encountering a dangerous threat that could unravel his secret and expose his true identity, with explosive reverberations for our Hunters.

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Mysteries abound on the first season of LOST as the 48 survivors of Oceanic Air Flight 815 find themselves stranded on an unidentified island with little hope of rescue.
Note: The other Seasons of this title are available in the shows section.

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A roboticist working on a life-like toy android named M3GAN takes in her orphaned niece. She pairs the two up, trying to solve for both issues...and it does not go as planned.

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Based on the bombshell New York Times investigation, two reporters race to expose a Hollywood scandal and shatter a corrupt system by empowering courageous women to speak out.

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Ready for dinner? A couple who travels to an exclusive restaurant are shocked to see what's on the menu in this delectable horror satire

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A world-weary detective is hired to investigate the murder of a West Point cadet. Stymied by the cadets' code of silence, he enlists one of their own to help unravel the case.
a young man the world would come to know as Edgar Allan Poe.

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Emma and Scarlett are two rebel vampires on a mission. After learning that their little sister escaped an earlier kidnapping attempt that also killed their parents, the two sisters join forces to rescue her from a group of blood-thirsty vampires.

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Leif, Harald, and Freydís are now fugitive refugees following the fall of Kattegat. After escaping Jarl Kare and Olaf, the courageous Viking trio must set off to new destinations beyond Scandinavia. While Freydís finds herself in the legendary, harsh Viking stronghold of Jómsborg in Pomerania, Leif and Harald set a lawless course down the Dnieper River toward Constantinople. The three will establish new relationships among both friends and enemies during their far-flung travels — with plenty of battle cries and bloodshed along the way.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2022

Hello there,
Please go through this news post at least once, as it is very important for everyone.

oweing to the rampent abuse of the server resources by a certain section of our users, we have had to implement IP blocks, which in simple words means we will be going through and blocking the people who abuse the service and make the experience worse for the rest of our users.
As a result, we have limited downloads per user to 25 downloads a day, exceeding which will result in a ban.>
We are however willing to make exceptions, as long as no harm and or abuse was intended. Should you feel that you have are inocent of any wrongdoing and or if you have been banned due to an error such as not being aware of the 25 downloads per day limit, Please Contact Us With your details, and we will help you out.

We have always been against limits and or restrictions of any sort fron the start, however in order to insure that all of our users have equal access and a better experience with the site, we have been forced to go down this path.
We will of course take other measures should it become necessary.
Our hope is that all of us by using the vault farely will make the user experience better for everyone, and not have the website unusable for the rest just because of a few.
Have a great day ahead,
The Audiovault Team.

June 26, 2022

Hello all,
Hope you all are doing well.
This is to let you all know that the migration of the website data is now complete, and knock on wood the website should be slightly faster.
The downloads should be functioning now as they always have, along with all the other areas of the website such as searching. Should you experience any issues however, do let us know.

Please note, there is a slight chance anyone who created an account with us and or changed passwords etc, in the last 15 20 days might not be able to logon.
If you had just created an account with us, reregister and things should work just fine after that.
however if you have forgotten your password, just write to us on our email address with the new password you would like to have and we will be happy to reset your password for you.

also, we would like to express our thanks for all the patients and understanding that all of you have shown during the migration process, and for all the support.
Lastly, if you can, do support us with a donation, as due to a better bigger server, the costs have gone up yet again.
And at everyone else who has already donated to the vault, many thanks for your generosity and consideration, We couldn't do half of what we do if it weren't for you guys.
Have a great time ahead and enjoy, The audiovault team.

May 31, 2022

Hello all!
We are half way through 2022, and we hope and wish that all of you are doing well.
some important information for all of our users.

We are in the process of acquiring a new server and transfering the vault to it, as the current server has been running out of space.
Temporarily, all the newer titles that are uploaded to the vault will have a slightly altered download process than usual, where a different page will open once you have clicked on the download link , on it you will need to press the download button once again to initiate the download
meanwhile, all the older titles will be available to download normally, however there is a slight possibility that we might have to take the vault offline for about a week to transfer the data across, we will notify you all should that be necessary.

We are working and doing our best to obtain the new server and transfer data and minimise the downtime should it be necessary to the least amount possible, and we thank you all for understanding, contributing and of course supporting the vault..

December 9, 2021

Hello all,

Been a long time sinse we last posted a news and we hope all of you are doing well and are staying safe. We have some very exciting news for you all (Especially anime fans), and a general overview as to what we have been up to and the lack of new content in the week after 13th July.

No content could be uploaded because We've spent the last few weeks migrating the server, moving onto a better one to avoid lack of availability at some points, backing up the entire vault and all fun stuff like that. Things took longer than what we estimated at first, so we would like to thank you for your patients, and Ash for helping us with it all even whilst suffering kovid, we hope you get well soon, mate.

Moving on to the exciting news, Theburningflame has started describing The Demon slayer series for all of us, and has recorded up to 2 Episodes already at the time of writing this with more on the way.

The Episodes are linked below.
Keep checking back, as the list will keep on being updated as the episodes are recorded and uploaded to the vault.
the episodes links will be replaced with seasons as its done.

Description Up to Demon slayer Episode 21 now!

Should you have any comments, questions etc for theburningflame, you can find her on our ADV discord server here
Please remember that she's describing the episodes in her spare time and for no personal gain or profit, so don't spam her asking when's the next episodes going to be out, and be kind and polite.
Many thanks as always at theburningflame for putting in the time and effort into doing AD for us, we can't possibly thank you enough.
Looking forward to the rest of the series and anything you end up describing @theburningflame!

One last request before I end this update.
Donations have always been important for the vault, as that is what helps us with paying the server bills and the like, so I would like to extend my thanks to all our users who donate when they are able and the ones that make a regular monthly donation., however If you are able to, Please consider donating to the vault, with the newer server backup and things, the bills/ costs have increased by almost 150% to what they were before.

If you have read this far, We'd like to thank you and hope you enjoy the vault, and are staying safe.
The Audiovault team

July 12, 2020

In our last news, we posted about theburningflame generously donating her time and talent along with her voice to describing the Americans Season 6 for all of us. And we hope you will be as happy to know as happy as we are to report it, that she has finished describeing the entire season 6!
The AudioVault Team would like to thank her for her efforts, and can not express how greatful we are for everything she has done.

Thank you Theburningflame, If it weren't for you, The americans would still have been one of those shows or movie series that only get description so far, and blind and visually impaired fans are left wondering what's next, or only get an incomplete experience watching the show or movie without description at all. We would also like to thank gamesmaster for mixing, and doing it at super fast speeds.

The season 6 of the Americans has been uploaded to the vault, both the mixed tracks and only just the AD companion tracks for those that want them. The links to the shows can be found below. The Americans Season 6 Only AD Tracks
The Americans Season 6
We hope you enjoy the description. Take care and stay safe!

May 5, 2020

We hope all of you are staying safe and are doing well during these difficult times, where the most of the world is under lockdown.
We come with glad tidings/ good news! theburningflame will be AudioDescribing The Americans Season 6. One of the most requested shows people have been writing to us and asking for ever sinse we started a year or so ago.
In fact, She has already recorded AudioDescription for Episode 1 (at the time of writing), and intends to describe more as time permits.

The companion tracks along with the mixed tracks can be found below, (this list will be updated as the description is recorded)
Note: The companion tracks are Just Audio Description, you will need the show playing along with the description track if you decide to use them instead.
The Description is now complete, please see the news above for the links to the entire season.

We would like to thank Theburningflame for having done an amazing job describing, and for doing so out of the kindness of her heart, without compensation of any kind so that blind and visually impaired people around the world might have access to movies and shows with description which they would not otherwise.
If you have any requests, feedback/ suggestions and or recommendations for her, things that could make the audio description experience better, such as the descriptions missing something or the amount of description etc, you can write her on Reddit Here or on our Discord Server @theburningflame We would also ask that whilst writing, please be considerate, The description is being done for free, in her free time.
We would also like to thank one of our users, Gamesmaster who has been helping us with mixing both the audio tracks.

The AudioVault team wishes you and your loved ones the best, and hopes you will stay safe and well.

March 17, 2020

Hello all,
We hope all of you are doing well and are staying in to avoid the Coronavirus
The Audiovault was offline for about 6 days or so for backup purposes, and we had set in a buffer time of upto 18th March for the backup to be finished.
However the backup finished sooner than expected and as Many of you Wanted us to be back soon, Here we are.

We understand it was perhaps unfortunate timing on our part, but back then when plans were being layed for backup and for the site to be offline in order to avoid putting a strain on both the hardware and the bandwidth, None of us could have imagined things getting as bad as they have gotten, and people having to stay put.

Either way, We are back up now, and here's hoping that the vault is able to help you even in a miner way to deal with some of that bordem
Stay well, and Stay safe!

December 21, 2019

Happy holidays Everyone!
This month last year I along with a few friends started working on the Audiovault, and I never expected we would grow as much as we have, or do this well.
Deepest Thanks to our uploaders and contributors who've helped us in getting all these audio described TV shows and movies for all our users to enjoy, and our donators who have help us carry on with their generous donations.
and I am sure, with your love and support, we will continue to make Audio describe content available to everyone for years to come.

We are often asked this question, so I thought I'd write this here for everyone to see. If you would like to help us get even more shows and movies, the vault is currently looking for these titles If you happen to have any of the movies or shows listed there, do a quick search on both the movies and shows pages (to make sure someone else hasn't given us the title first) and then upload it to any filehost and Share the link with us

If you are interested in becoming a uploader, and are from the US or the UK, please write to us.

We will be adding quite a few movies and tv shows this holiday season so do remember to keep an eye out, and use the first search field on the movies and shows pages to search the titles added by date, in dd-mm-yyyy format.
We at AudioVault would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

July 23, 2019

This has been coming for a while, but other things kept coming in the way. So I decided I'd finally push this out.
First of all, Thanks at all our uploaders and supporters who have contributed to the audiovault, and an apology for the delay.

In major news, As you may or may not have noticed, a login system has been added to the vault, with the cooldown system a WIP.
The account system has been introduced so that we are able to provide better speeds and a fare use of server resources for all our users, and so that not all our resources are being hogged by a few.

In other news, Our uploaders have been hard at work as always, and have added many awesome titles.
The featured section recently added will often have movies and shows added to it, to highlight particularly interesting and popular titles, if you think of something that should be on there, get in touch.

Alternative methods of communication are in the works, with a few almost good to go, and a few other fallback platforms just in case they don't work out. You can Join us On our Discord Server here for now.
Also keep an eye out on here for any more news and updates.

In closing, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or a request, feel free to Write to us here

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